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By completing a simple customer data form below, we can provide you with a Cost Benefit Analysis including estimated installation costs for your evaluation. For baseline data, the best approach is to install a meter and track your usage and provide us with your best estimate in advance. For a small fee, ThermalRecycle will work with pre-approved customers on developing these baselines and initial savings determinations, sometimes by including the use of a ThermalRecycle Test Unit where warranted.
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Please provide the details of all dryers used (including Manufacturer/Model, Number of Units, LBS Capacity, Rated Heat Input, Rated Airflow, Type of Fuel, Duct Inlet and Outlet Sizes, Number of Loads per Day, etc.).

Please let us know more about your operation (including Hours of Dryer Operation per Day, Total Pounds of Processed per Month, Pounds Dried and Conditioned in Dryers, Average Dryer Temp, Average Drying Times, etc.).

Please provide your current Gas Rate (including transportation), Unit of Measure (Therm/Gall/BTU/Other) and Type of Fuel Used (Natural Gas/LP/Diesel).
Additional Information

If possible, please write answers to these questions:
- Does the plant condition sheets and pillowslips in the dryers?
- Does the plant condition table linen in the dryers?
- Is the dryer ductwork using coaxial ducts?
- Does the plant track gas usage of the dryers separately with a meter?
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